MSMM-350 Tel Boom Combo

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                 MSMM-350 Mount                                                                       On-Stage 9-16" Telescopic Mini Boom         

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MSMM-350 Tel Boom Combo folds for easy transport

The MSMM-350 Telescopic Mini Boom Combo eliminates the need for a microphone stand.

A must for vocalists using a music and mic stand while performing.
Mic stands are not required with the MSMM-350 Telescopic Mini Boom Combo, it mounts right on your music stand.
Fits on music stand shelf for reading lyrics while singing and playing guitar, keyboard and more, the mic is always right where you need it to be!
Its positions mic below or above sheet music/lyrics for easy viewing.

No more microphone stands in your way.

Designed by a musician for musicians.

Add a mic clip?

​​​​​​​Tel Boom Combo Pack

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On-Stage 9-16"Telescopic Mini Boom

Telescopic Mini Boom Combo


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Easy transport

Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 Mount

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Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 Telescopic Mini Boom Combo

​​​​​​​Telescopic Mini Boom Combo Pack

Music stand/mic not included


MSMM-350 Tel Boom Combo

Mariano Concepts

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