MSMM-350 Gooseneck Combo Pack
MSMM-350 connects to straight edge music stands

MSMM-350 Music Stand Microphone Mount


 The best way to mount a microphone on a music stand. 
Eliminates the need for a microphone stand. 

Excellent for Keyboardists/Guitarists/Vocalists and more.
Mic mount accessory that should be in every musician's gear bag!

The MSMM-350 mounting bracket quickly and securely attaches to standard metal music stands. 
No more lugging around a microphone stand, one less thing to load on your cart.

A must for musicians using a music stand and microphone while performing.

 - Constructed of heavy duty 1/8” aluminum 
   - Thumb screw for attachment to the music stand
        - Mount fits industry standard 5/8”- 27 threads
- 5/8” lock ring included
- Black finish



The Music Stand Microphone Mount MSMM-350

Attaches to straight or rolled edge metal music stands

 Straight Edge Desk  (Manhasset)                                       Rolled Edge Desk (Wenger Roughneck)


Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Mariano Concepts Gooseneck Combo
MSMM-350 Gooseneck Combo Pack

Above shown with optional On-Stage telescopic Boom (Music stand/mic not included)

Music Stand Microphone Mount MSMM-350

What Our Customers Had To Say

The MSMM-350 was not designed to be mounted on wire style music stands.

Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 Mount
Mariano Concepts Tel Boom Combo
MSMM-350 not designed for wire style music stands

Thanks for designing this. I have been using a clamp adapter and gooseneck for years to accomplish this same thing. I had considered designing something like this. In the end, I just want to use thanks! I am shocked that it hasn't been done sooner, frankly, since it is superior to having separate stands.
Matt, Corvallis, OR

MSMM-350 connects to rolled edge music stands

Above shown with optional 13" On-Stage black gooseneck.

(Music stand/mic not included)

MSMM-350 shown with On-Stage telescopic boom

​​This is a great idea. The mic mount and gooseneck fits in my gig bag. I no longer have to lug around a mic stand and boom.
Jeff, Warren, OH 

MSMM-350 Telescopic Boom Combo

Low profile on music stand edge 

Mariano Concepts

Windermere, FL 

It's actually a very interesting concept and could be very useful in the theater world!  Orchestra pits tend to be quite small (especially in older theaters) and it's always difficult to get all the orchestra members, chairs, music stands, mic stands. etc in the pit in the correct arrangement so being able to not use the mic stands would, in theory, be amazing!  

Personally, I do props for the shows, but will keep this in mind the next time the sound guys are struggling to set the pit up!
Thank you again for taking care of this so quickly!  I really appreciate it! 
Mary, UK

MSMM-350 Telescopic Combo Pack

Music Stand Microphone Mount MSMM-350 

Reg $22.89 now $19.89 

MSMM-350 with optional On-Stage telescopic boom

folds for easy transport

MSMM-350/TBC telescopic mini boom shown

Thanks for the excellent service and great product guys!  Arrived just in time.  
It's going to work very well for me, especially o
n a crowded stage.  Saves having to haul the mike stand and boom.  
I'm passing on the word to my musician friends. 
Best wishes for continued success!
Maria, Kissimmee, FL

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