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Above shown mounted on a

Wenger Roughneck  music stand.


​​​​​​MSMM-350/DPA Mount

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 For a violinist who wants to be free of DPA 4099V microphone cable.
Does not interfere with sheet music. 
Eliminates bow noise as well as breathing noise.
Prevents the mic/violin being pulled if somebody should accidentally step on the cable.

 MSMM-350/DPA Music Stand Violin Mic Mount

The MSMM-350/DPA mount is designed to be used in conjunction with DPA PC4099 magnetic clip and the d:vote™ 4099V Instrument Microphone.

The MSMM-350/DPA is for the DPA 4099V violin microphone. 





                                                                    DPA PC4099 magnetic clip                                                                             d:vote™ 4099V Instrument microphone






Music Stand Microphone Mount (MSMM-350/DPA)

 - Constructed of heavy duty 1/8” aluminum
  - Platform surface is laminated steel for mounting DPA PC4099 magnetic clip
   - Hook & Loop for securing microphone cable
   - Thumb screw for attachment to a music stand
  - Black finish

 The MSMM-350/DPA fits straight and rolled edge music stands.        



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​​​​​​​MSMM-350/DPA Mount

 Mounting platform for the DPA 4099V mic


DPA PC4099 magnetic clip.


MSMM-350 Tel Boom Combo
MSMM-350 Tel Boom Combo