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                 13" Gooseneck Combo Chrome                                                                     13" Gooseneck Combo                                                                              13" Mini Boom Combo

MSMM-350 mini boom combo | Mariano Concepts
MSMM-350 shown with 13" black gooseneck
Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 setup
MSMM-350 no more mic stand in your way
MSMM-350 shown with chrome gooseneck
Music Stand Mini Boom Combo #OSCP-1000
Music Stand Mic Mount MSMM-350

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Windermere, FL 

Mic Side Mount - MSMM-350

MSMM-350 13" Gooseneck Combo 

Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 gooseneck combo
Music Stand Mic attachment
MSMM-350 space saving tip

                   13" ​Mini Boom Combo                                                                                                                                                                                                    

telescopic music stand MSMM-350 connector

​        MSMM-350 w/6" Gooseneck                                                   MSMM-350/DUO w/two 6" Goosenecks                                                     MSMM-350/DUO w/6" gooseneck &  Mini Boom

Great for piano music stand mic setup
MSMM-350/DUO Mic Adapter

MSMM-350/DUO Mount w/optional goosenecks

Home music studio

MSMM-350/DUO MOUNT w/two optional 6" goosenecks

On-Stage Music stand


MSMM-350 Mount

Boom Arm Combo (On-Stage MSA7500CB)

for overhead miking

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MSMM-350 shown with 6" gooseneck
MSMM-350/DUO Mic Connector
Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 tel boom combo pack

MSMM-350 Gooseneck Combo mounted

on Manhasset music stand

                     13" Mini Boom Combo                                                                       13" Gooseneck Combo Chrome                                                            13" Mini Boom Combo - Top Mount

Msmm-350 gooseneck combo pack
Music stand mini boom adaptor clamp

​​​Mariano Concepts Description/Photos Page

Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 mic mount


 MSMM350 Side Mic Holder

Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 mic holder


folds for easy transport

13" Gooseneck Combo

​​​​​This solid little gadget mounts on your music stand and eliminates the need for a microphone stand.

Mini Boom Combo Top Mount                              MSMM-350/DPA Mount

MSMM-350/DUO w/optional telescopic mini boom and 6" gooseneck

13" Mini Boom Combo folds for transport.

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Mariano Music Stand Mount MSMM-350 Mic Holder

Mariano Concepts MSMM-350 Space saving tip

13" Mini Boom Combo